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Report Details

False Advertisement Reported On: 09-Jan-2021
Reported Party
  • Offender : Seller City : England
  • Name : Mobilely State : London
  • Username / Alias 1 : Jack Newman Country : United Kingdom
  • Email : Jac***@g****.com Zipcode : 111
  • Contact No : N/A
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : OTHER
  • Business Name : Mobilely
  • Date of Transaction : 13-Dec-2020
  • Transaction Value : $69.99
  • Estimated Loss Range : $50 - $99.99
Summary of Dispute

I purchased an advertised robot from this company that was suppose to do many things, bend, dance, climb, etc. The robot I received is obviously not even close to the advertised robot. They also indicated buy one get 2 free, that was also false I received a Christmas gift bag with mine. I contacted the seller immediately the day I received it by email and requested a full refund. He expressed he was sorry I was not happy with the item and offered I keep it and he will send me $10.00. I advised him I did not want $10.00 I either wanted the robot advertised along with the 2 free one or a full refund. https:www.facebook.comphoto?fbid1747222378778038setbasw.AbrOaWGGk9nLqWYHJUYIGslDLXo49Q9hyCe6K7PlW8FAPNAfgIaZ-Jzv5p80l8563oVWOOdHFgO54QJgmRJfM0uqCzdxGFDdG7ZGfWLo23YZSYnDK8ES7hWAnkSGrJLbDYlhTWWSe4dKc-dAvSSIeSopaqueCursorAbq4BovQLbQduSWb7sv8F-ItEWEvxEIzXZvSjIIixE15hNmX9pN2MDPenDjtwGPDaXrpi-5OVKPPoBKEPhSkQeuGgisg3CHzWQDeI-TuKOGQpHVRO-ON5nghmkJ273nbxNSlJfZpqNNkWlAGZ3HwKzK1PngfE6

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

I have not been refunded and their website states a full refund within 30 days if not satisfied. They also want me to pay for the return of the product and i refused to because they sent an item i did not order so why should I lose money to pay to have it shipped back.

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