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Report Details

Canada’s Leading Vanlines Reported On: 22-Nov-2019
Reported Party
  • Offender : Service Provider City : Calgary
  • Name : Canada Leading Vanlines State : Alberta
  • Username / Alias 1 : NickiMyshyniuk Country : Canada
  • Email : lea***@c****.com Zipcode : Call ce
  • Contact No : (188)8**-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : Shipping and Logistics
  • Business Name : Canada’s Leading Vanlines
  • Date of Transaction : 25-Aug-2019
  • Transaction Value : $4,000.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $2,500 - $5,000+
Summary of Dispute

NOT impressed with Canada’s Leading Van lines First of all they broke many promises on the day they were expected to arrive to get our stuff. They had us pack everything up weeks early because they were in a hurry for the inventory list..Then we waited around in a house that was packed up for many days.. We were told we would get a call the day before they arrive.. we did not. They showed up one morning unexpectedly and if we had not been home (as we did not get the call) they would have left.. this was July 29th we asked how long it would take to get to Ontario. We were told that they just had to take it to Vancouver and weigh it and then it gets shipped out.. Therefore we did not bring much with us. 2 weeks after we arrived in Ontario I called to ask when it was expected to be here. They told us MAX the 18th of August but probably sooner.. as we approached the 18th I called again and they said some time between the 23rd and the 28th.. this is an entire month we have been living out of suitcases in an empty house with 2 children and no beds, pots, pans etc for cooking.. then they finally contact us 1 day before the delivery date and tell us that the price would be close to DOUBLE of the price we were quoted!! We were expected to pull an extra 2000.00 out of our asses with one days notice!! Or they would leave with our stuff. Luckily between our parents we were able to scrape up just enough. The quote was based off of a 3 bedroom apartment.. we gave most of our furniture away last minute as we knew it would bring the price down.. so 2 of the rooms were empty, the price was originally around 2,600.00 based on a 3 bedroom condo and we wrote out an entire inventory list of everything we had.. (and no appliances). But instead of the price going down it went way up! When they do a quote they are obviously assuming all your furniture is inflatable?!?! What would a family have done if they couldn’t come up with the extra 2000.00 in a days notice?? Lose everything??? Very much not impressed with this company AT ALL!!! Here’s the deal, you give us 2500.00 to help pay for the new bedroom set we had to get and we can call it even. We can forget about all of the other stuff. My kayak paddle, the wooden stool, the box full of Xbox games, the cot, the toolbox etc.. Not even to mention the amount of stuff we had to buy to survive that month where we had nothing. And the fact that I had to pay for professional carpet cleaners TWICE! Since they wore their dirty boots through my house.

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

THi Nicki, I appreciate your response to the claim response that was emailed to you. The claim was processed in based on the coverage that you had with the move. This coverage was confirmed with all of our moving clients. In order to ensure that all of our clients are informed of coverage options, we take the following steps to inform you:  Original quote – original email quote had information about our limitations and explains that options to purchase additional coverage are available to the shipper.  Moving Agreement Email – has a clear explanation and breakdown of coverage limitations available to all carriers, offers extra coverage to purchase to each and every shipping client and confirms deductible is in place.  The official Moving ContractBill of Lading – has clear information about coverage limitations. You have signed this contact and copies were provided to you at both pick up and destination for your records.  Our Website – we offer explanations

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