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Report Details

Scam to get 2995 a month from unwilling patrons Reported On: 08-Sep-2020
Reported Party
  • Offender : Business City : Dallas
  • Name : ScoreSense State : Texas
  • Country : United States
  • Email : cus***@s****.com Zipcode : 75231
  • Contact No : (800)6**-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Business Name : ScoreSense
  • Date of Transaction : 11-Aug-2020
  • Transaction Value : $29.95
  • Estimated Loss Range : $25 - $49.99
Summary of Dispute

I received an email promising free credit report. The cost turned out to be $1 plus they automatically signed me up for a $29.95 membership fee. I did not realize that was their gimmick. When I saw the $29.95 fee on my monthly visa, I sent them an email August 27, 2020 requesting the return of the $29.95. They sent me two emails. They returned the $1 fee, but said that they would not return the $29.95. I have not heard back from you, and again I called them this morning September 8, 2020. I called 1-800-972-7204 and stated that I was very unhappy with their scam. I wanted my $29.95 returned, and I wanted this so called membership cancelled. They again gave me the run-around. I still don't know if they cancelled my membership? I also requested their address. I was told that their corporate office took care of all correspondence. I requested that address. Diego, their representative, stated that he would have one of their supervisors call me back. I have not heard from them.

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

I have not heard back from them. I don't know if upon my request, they cancelled this so called membership. I am still waiting for one of their supervisors to call me back. I am glued to my phone so that I do not miss the call.

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