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Report Details

Unacceptable Service Reported On: 06-Jan-2021
Reported Party
  • Offender : Service Provider City : San Benito
  • Name : Gun Guyz Gun Worx State : Texas
  • Username / Alias 1 : Dasenvid Siebenhau Country : United States
  • Email : gun***@y****.com Zipcode : 78586
  • Contact No : (956) **-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : OTHER
  • Business Name : Gun Guyz Gun Worx
  • Date of Transaction : 08-Nov-2019
  • Transaction Value : $325.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $250 - $499.99
Summary of Dispute

Business was hired to apply a new finish to a firearm. Pistol, Model CZ-99. Finish was applied and pistol was picked up from business on 11-8-2019. Exterior of pistol examined by customer and found acceptable. Customer paid $325 for the service. Pistol was placed in a canvas carrying case, brought home and placed in a gun locker -case and all-. On October 21, 2020, the pistol and case were taken from the gun locker by customer. Taken to a gun range and attempted to fire. Discovered that parts of the internals were missing. No firing pin or retaining pin were present. Searched gun case and surrounding area with negative results. Immediately notified gun smith that had applied the finish. He denies that the firearm could have left his facility in such a condition.

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

Only outcome so far is that the business owner continues to deny that he, or a member of this business team, could have lost said parts. He has offered to try to find replacements but insists it is not his obligation to pay for the replacements. Also, he hasn't actually found any replacements. Unclear if he has even looked for any. Now refused to respond to messages.

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