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Report Details

Fraud Department Frauds Reported On: 17-Mar-2021
Reported Party
  • Offender : Service Provider City : Draper
  • Name : Synchrony State : Utah
  • Username / Alias 1 : Synchrony Financial Country : United States
  • Email : fin***@s****.com Zipcode : 84020
  • Contact No : (203) **-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : Finance & Insurance
  • Business Name : East River Furniture
  • Date of Transaction : 15-Mar-2021
  • Transaction Value : $400.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $500 - $999.99
Summary of Dispute

Customer bought a TV with us and used Synchrony to pay. Customer then immediately claimed the transaction was fraud when he got his first bill. Synchrony asked us to provide the details of the application he filled out again, which we happily sent them because it was a legitimate purchase. Synchrony then said it wasn't received in time which we sent it right away, and then debited our bank account. We have the guys DL, address, description, everything, the customer is lying. When trying to call Synchrony, we've been trying for days to get someone on the phone. They keep transferring us to the next person and no one is claiming to know anything. They promise call backs. They transfer us back to the main line in a panic, hang up on us, and once they transferred us to a fax line that started beeping at us. The customer lied to get out of paying and now our small business is footing the bill after we trusted Synchrony to handle collections for us.

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

We spent hours on the phone with lost production, our bank account was fraudulently charged, and now in our small community we potentially are the source of people coming in knowing they can scam us.

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