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Report Details

Castle Rock Robbed Us Reported On: 08-Apr-2021
Reported Party
  • Offender : Seller City : Rosharon
  • Name : Castle Rock Communities State : Texas
  • Username / Alias 1 : Barbars Weiss Country : United States
  • Email : bwe***@c****.com Zipcode : 77583
  • Contact No : (281)-**-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : Construction
  • Business Name : Castle Rock Communities
  • Date of Transaction : 19-Mar-2021
  • Transaction Value : $321,000.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $2,500 - $5,000+
Summary of Dispute

My family’s experience with Castle Rock builders has been nothing short of deceitful and unscrupulous. I entered a contract with Castle Rock via saleswoman Barbara Weiss at the Rosharon, TX location to build our dream home for $321K in June of 2020. Between August and October of 2020, I was told by Barbara that the stone/brick/paint selections we made were unavailable three different times and we needed to come in and reselect. Although it was inconvenient and contrary to the original look we desired, we reselected each time. When we signed the contract Barbara originally gave an estimated closing date of late Dec/early Jan. Understandably due to Covid-19 complications, material shortages, holidays, the Hard Freeze Texas experienced and other factors the closing date was pushed back. Our closing was rescheduled for 2/8/21 then changed to 2/26/21 then changed to 3/2/21 and finally changed to 3/12/21. The reason it’s a huge deal to arbitrarily change the closing dates is because my lender had to set up an Appraisal on the property to be done upon 95% completion of the home. Therefore, due to scheduling conflicts the appraisal wasn’t completed until after the final closing deadline. Also, there were several punch items found during the final walk thru which still needed to be completed. I assumed Castle Rock would work with us to reschedule the closing for 1 week later since we complied with them rescheduling the closing 4 times but that WAS NOT the case. My realtor communicated the situation with Barbara Weiss team including Lance Wright and manager Bryan Bass who reiterated that we would NOT be given any additional time to close and the contract was cancelled. However, they were kind enough to tell us we could repurchase the house at the post build value of $424K. Castle Rock kept my $5,039.00 deposit for upgrades, $995.00 to HomePro for audio/video/digital upgrades and $1500.00 Earnest money. It’s now clear that they purposely put us in a compromising position by constantly rescheduling the closing so that we wouldn’t be able to complete the Appraisal in time. If that wasn’t the case then why wouldn’t they work with us in good faith as we had worked with them in the past? We only needed an additional week to get a clear to close from our lender. I encourage anyone to rethink doing business with Castle Rock builders for their shady, unethical and plain greedy tactics.

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

Castle Rock cancelled our contract and kept all upgrade deposit and earnest money

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