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Report Details

Customer servive Reported On: 21-Apr-2021
Reported Party
  • Offender : Service Provider City : Seguin
  • Name : Broypopslenderc State : Texas
  • Country : United States
  • Email : deb***@l****.com Zipcode : 78155
  • Contact No : (830) **-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : Direct Mail, Phone and Internet
  • Business Name : Broypopslenderc
  • Date of Transaction : 11-Mar-2021
  • Transaction Value : $175.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $100 - $249.99
Summary of Dispute

this company sells a cbd isolate that was on the internet advertised by using Dr Oz promoting it. So ordered the free trial and when on the site ordering it has pop ups trying to sell you other products and will not let you keep going until you click on it ,then another pop up comes up doing the same thing. When I clicked them to close them I got the info to pay my 6.98 that it cost. It only had that on billing but also sent me some other pills and an ebook that they billed me 29.99 for it. So called to tell them to cancel the book and everything that came with the product. Then a couple weeks later I was billed 89.00 twice for nothing I did not get any more products from them just the trial bottle. Since I canceled I was told that this was payment for the trial bottle and pills they sent to me because I canceled any more being sent to me .

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

Called them and talked to the same man that I canceled it with and he lied about me not calling to cancel it all and said that the charges was for the trial bottle I got wich was sippose to be 6.99 Tolf him I wanted a refund but he said that I got the product and he will cancel it but I still paid for them full price. This is a scam and false advertising about Dr oz Company is called Broypopslendererc number to tjem is 844-237'4654

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