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Report Details

Did not finish job Reported On: 17-Sep-2021
Reported Party
  • Offender : Contractor City : Goldsboro
  • Name : Unlimited home services llc State : North Carolina
  • Country : United States
  • Email : Unl***@g****.com Zipcode : 27530
  • Contact No : (919) **-****
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : Local
  • Business Name : Unlimited home services
  • Date of Transaction : 12-Aug-2021
  • Transaction Value : $22,363.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $2,500 - $5,000+
Summary of Dispute

Did not finish the job. Wanted more money then in contract. I have an unfinished deck and now he is threatening my family with a lean on our house. We paid 11,181.50 up front for all the supplies. He wanted more money saying he under estimated stuff but that came after he broke our pool pump and timer and had to bring more people on the job. We have a dangerous deck outside with not all boards down and no railings. I have a 19 month old that can't go outside because their are no railings or gates and debris in the yard he could fall off the deck or into the pool . He has been threatening us in text messages and wanted me to give him 7200 in cash. I told him I would pay the 7200 when the job is complete. I need someone to stop him from doing this to someone else. I know have to figure out how to get my deck done so my son can play outside.

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

An unfinished deck and threatening text messages from the business owner.

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