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Report Details

Fraud Reported On: 06-Jan-2023
Reported Party
  • Offender : Customer City : Westland
  • Name : Darrell Anthony State : Michigan
  • Country : United States
  • Email : dto***@g****.com Zipcode : 48186
  • Contact No : N/A
Transaction Details
  • Transaction Venue : OTHER
  • Business Name : Local Pro
  • Date of Transaction : 24-Dec-2022
  • Transaction Value : $880.00
  • Estimated Loss Range : $500 - $999.99
Summary of Dispute

I asked seri on my phone for A1 garage and got hookup with a gentleman and asked if this was A1 Garage and he answered yes. I then said my garage door was off track as two rollers came off. He told me he could have someone out on Sunday at 7am. I said it was Christmas day and he said yea no problem but it would be a $28 service call which i said yes. Joe came out and replaced springs, off track, cable and tighten the tension. The company that came out was called Local Pro, when i asked if they were A1 he said they were outsourced by them. 3 days later the door bent in a V shape. I called and was told it wasn't there fault but manager Ben came out. After arguing back and forth he put up a brace. 2 days later the door Ved again and was cracked on top. when i called they said it wasn't there fault again. They would not come back out which now my door is completely broken. After calling A1 and other companies about this company no one has ever heard of them. DO NOT TRUST Local pro

Summary of Transaction Venue's Actions

The manager Ben called me and offered me a new door if i paid half and they paid half to which i said then you must be admitting you did something wrong. I said NO and then he offered to give me back $300. 2 days later i texted and said i would take the $300 dollars and he called me and said I will pay you if you sign something for not going to the Better Business Bureau. I said NO and was told good luck. I contacted A1 and told them that someone was using there name and taking business from them to which they said they never heard of them. I went to the address on the web site and it was a house in Westland Mi. to which a man answered the door saying he had no idea of A1 Garage. I said why is your address and phone number on the web site and he said I have no idea. I pointed to a truck in his driveway and said that truck was at my house wrecking my garage to which he slammed the door in my face. DON'T trust Local Pro they are scammers and fraudulent.

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